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All Canadian Pickle Caesar

Get a 12oz glass.
Cut a lime into thin slices, take a piece of like and rub it around the rim until its wet.
Then dip the rim into some caesar rimmer.
Add ice to the glass.
1.5oz Get’n Pickled Moonshine
Top the glass with Water Caesar Mix and garnish with a slice of lime and a pickle.

Parks Canada Cafe Mocha

2oz Moonshine Creek Double Double coffee liqueur
1 pack of hot chocolate
2 oz milk
A couple dashes of cherry bitters (optional)
Toasted Marshmallows to garnish (optional)

Mix together some hot chocolate and add a little milk. Add cherry bitters (optional).  Add 2oz Moonshine Creek Double Double coffee liqueur. Dip marshmallows in coffee liqueur, toast and rest on top drink to garnish.