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Apple Crumble is our flagship sipping cocktail. The blend of our un-aged whisky, New Brunswick sweet apple cider, organic brown sugar and organic cinnamon. With the flavor profile of a favorite Maritime desert, it can be enjoyed by itself or used for creating unique cocktails with a maritime flare.

$27.99 – 500ml

Get’n Pickled is a spirit that is made with un-aged Canadian Rye Whisky and infused with dill pickle brine. This unique spirit is made at Moonshine Creek with their organic rye and barley blend, their own pickle brine blend making it an ideal spirit for Canada’s favorite cocktail, the Caesar. The complexity of this spirit can offer an undeniable homemade dill pickle flavor to any cocktail or alcoholic beverage.

$32.99 – 500ml

Pink Ginny is a gin made with our rye spirit. This gives it a sweet rye spirit flavor with the addition of strong lemon and floral notes. Its coloured hue appearance comes from the hibiscus petals that are steeped in the gin. Pink Ginny is ideal for a gin lover looking for something a little different from your typical London dry gin, and the perfect introduction to gin for any new gin drinkers.

$39.99 – 750ml

WhitePupThis product is made in the fashion of an un-aged Canadian Whisky. It has a natural sweetness that comes from the rye, barley and corn blend we use to make this spirit. White Pup is ideal for cocktail building and infusion.

$32.99 – 750ml

Double Double
Double Double is a coffee liqueur made with organic coffee, organic golden sugar and real vanilla extract. At 25%alc. it is perfect for sipping over ice, or for use in for favorite coffee cocktails. If you want to get the real Canadian coffee experience, just add cream and enjoy.

$32.99 – 500ml

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We have gift cards available for that special someone’s birthday or Christmas stocking.  These cards are redeemable at our distillery and can be credited any dollar amount. Balances are saved for future purchases.

Bar Service

Ask about our hosting services for your next event. We offer private bar tending services and a popup bar.

We have infusion workshops monthly and upon request.

Glassware & Pour spouts are also available.

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