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October 7, 2020

Moonshine Creek Distillery Inc. will independently release Chicken Bones Liqueur™ for the 2020 holiday season.

Waterville, NB – New Brunswick’s innovative micro-distillery, Moonshine Creek, will release its one-of-a-kind Chicken Bones Liqueur™ across all four Atlantic Canadian provinces this November, just in time for the holiday season.

Brothers and distillery co-owners Jeremiah and Joshua Clark said they were encouraged by the excitement surrounding the initial launch in 2019.

“After the success of last year’s piloted release, we found what worked and what didn’t. We never expected the liqueur that started in our infusion workshops to be a national success. It certainly gave us the encouragement we needed to continue making this innovative liqueur,” said Jeremiah Clark, Co-owner of Moonshine Creek Distillery. 

The liqueur sold out in Alcool NB Liquor stores shortly after its 2019 release. Positive reviews and long line-ups left consumers wanting more. 

Alcool NB Liquor is excited to see Moonshine Creek’s Chicken Bones Liqueur™ return to store shelves this Christmas. 

“We are proud to work with local producers like Moonshine Creek Distillery in promoting their innovative products,” said Patrick Parent, President and CEO of Alcool NB Liquor. “After the phenomenal reaction from our customers last year, we are looking forward to having Chicken Bone Liqueur available throughout our retail network this holiday season.”

“We listened to our customers,” said Joshua Clark. “We genuinely care about their feedback. That’s how we make our products better.”

According to the brothers, this year’s release of their Chicken Bones Liqueur™ will be better than last, with an improved flavour and product consistency. To help with that, Moonshine Creek enlisted the help of CCNB Grand-Sault’s Innovation Team, made possible with a voucher from the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation. 

“We were truly fortunate to have the assistance and funding we needed to make this liqueur during a pandemic. I honestly thought we wouldn’t be able to release it this year because of the challenges the pandemic presented,” said Jeremiah Clark.

Daniel Hoyles, Investment Associate at NBIF said: “We are excited to assist through our Innovation Voucher Fund program and help a growing and innovative company during a time of economic uncertainty. We are happy to see a company like Moonshine Creek Distillery change the industry and come up with interesting products that are culturally relevant while promoting agriculture and innovation in New Brunswick.”

Chicken Bones Liqueur™ is just one of many innovative products produced by  Moonshine Creek. The distillery focuses on products that promote New Brunswick culture and flavours.

Years working in the bar and spirits industry have given the brothers a lot of experience creating different chocolate and cinnamon flavoured cocktails and moonshines. 

“Our Chicken Bones Liqueur™ has a smooth, well-rounded combination of rich chocolate and cinnamon. This liqueur will bring out the east coaster in anyone,” said Jeremiah Clark.

The micro-distillery plans to make and sell 50,000 bottles of its unique Chicken Bones Liqueur™ this holiday season, with a projected Atlantic Canadian release date of November 19, 2020 (* Currently available for purchase at NSLC).

Chicken Bones Liqueur™ is an independent trademark of Moonshine Creek Distillery Inc.

Follow Moonshine Creek Distillery via social media or through their website at for up-to-date details on the product’s release dates and availability.