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Moonshine Creek Distillery
Moonshine Creek Distillery3 days ago
Hey folks! Did you buy this year’s Chicken Bones Liqueur?
We’d like your feedback on the product.
Please fill out the questionnaire below.
Thank you in advance!
Moonshine Creek Distillery
Moonshine Creek Distillery4 days ago
If you are coming to pick up your order at the distillery, please call us at 506-375-9014 when you arrive. We will bring your order to your vehicle. Thank you 😊
Moonshine Creek Distillery
Moonshine Creek Distillery6 days ago
Holiday Cheer! You will find this cocktail on this year’s bottle of Chicken Bones Liqueur.

Chicken Bones Liqueur does not require refrigeration. It has a real chocolate base with no cream added, so its normal to see the liqueur appear thick, especially if chilled. This innovative liqueur is unlike anything you’ve already had 🙂

Available at liquor stores throughout Atlantic Canada and at

Here’s to make it:
- Fill a 12oz glass with ice, then add 2oz of Chicken Bones Liqueur.
- Add 4oz of milk (almond milk will also work).
- Top with cola.
- garnish with a cinnamon stick.
The flavour will resemble a chocolate cola float.
Moonshine Creek Distillery
Moonshine Creek Distillery1 week ago
Chicken Bones Liqueur is available now on our online shop and stores throughout the Atlantic Provinces.
Moonshine Creek Distillery