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Moonshine Creek Distillery
Moonshine Creek Distillery3 days ago
Double Double Toil And Trouble!
After a day of watching Halloween movies, a cocktail was conjured.

“Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and caldron bubble.
Cool it with a baboon's blood,
Then the charm is firm and good.”

Here’s how to make it:
- In a shaker or a mason jar with a few cubes of ice, add 2oz of Double Double moonshine (coffee liqueur) and 1oz of Spiced Canadiana (similar to spiced rum, but derived from maple sugar).
- Add 2oz of fresh orange juice.
- Add 1oz of molasses simple syrup (1:2 molasses to water by weight)
- Cover the shaker and shake for a few seconds, dirty dump into a 16oz glass. Top with fresh ice and a touch of club soda.
- Float aromatic bitters (Angostura) on the top of the cocktail.
- Garnish with sugar candy and burnt orange.
Moonshine Creek Distillery
Moonshine Creek Distillery5 days ago
Women’s knitted hats have arrived! Available in 4 colours. $25 tax incl.
You can purchase one at the distillery store or through our website.

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Moonshine Creek Distillery
Moonshine Creek Distillery1 week ago
Happy Thanksgiving!
Moonshine Creek Distillery
Moonshine Creek Distillery2 weeks ago
We have Moonshine Creek masks to help keep you safe.
Receive a free mask when you purchase $100 or more at our distillery location or online store. Promotion ends October 30th. Masks retail for $10 a piece.

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