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Photo credit: Adam Hodnett

What makes Canadiana so unique? Canadiana is a spirit similar to white rum, but derived from the syrup of the maple tree. Traditional white rum is derived from sugar cane molasses, barrel aged, then filtered to remove colour.

The geographic uniqueness of this spirit made from our national symbol, deserves a special name declaration to help it stand out in the highly competitive spirits market. Canada does not currently have any unique common names in the world of spirits, such as Scotch from Scotland, Tequila or Mezcal from Mexico, Bourbon from the USA or Cognac from France and many more. With this innovative rum variation, derived solely from maple syrup, we believe that every distillery in Quebec and Atlantic Canada would have an opportunity to make Canadiana and compete directly against the existing rum market here and abroad. This would also benefit many sugar bushes in Canada, as they can now sell their various grades of maple syrup to distilleries as well as the maple tree’s bio-water, a water taken from the tree during maple syrup production.

Moonshine Creek Canadiana is made from 100% organic maple syrup, fermented and blended using only the Maple tree’s bio-water. Our maple products used in the production of Canadiana are sourced from Saint-Quentin NB, the Maple Syrup Capital of Atlantic Canada. Canadiana truly is a symbol of Canada, its culture, industry, innovation, and of course, our appreciation of spirits.

Canadiana is labelled and sold under a common name declaration of “Liquor”, due to its innovative process. Canadiana’s style does not currently exist within the current Food and Drug Regulations and can not be sold as a rum. Moonshine Creek is happy to share the intellectual property and process for making Canadiana with any distillery in Canada if the Canadian government will adopt the name as a geographically owned spirit of Canada with the Spirit Drink Trade Act, Canada-European Community wine and spirits agreement, NAFTA and all other relevant agreements

Canadiana is available at participating NB Liquor stores now! We encourage you to return your empty Canadiana bottles to the distillery for $2 a bottle. It’s our way of reducing waste and reusing good glassware. Reduce, reuse, recycle… or even repurpose.